Sweet Nothings Mean Something

The start of a relationship is generally considered the most exciting and romantic part. Boys will wine and dine a girl and whisper sweet nothings about how happy they are to have met her and how amazing she is, showing that they can be thoughtful and sensitive. Girls will reciprocate with their own tailored compliments to provide an ego boost bigger than Leonardo Dicaprio’s paycheque and that guy has topped Forbes highest paid actor list, so it’s a pretty big cheque.

You will likely never hear sweeter things come out of your partner’s mouth than in the first few months when they are awestruck by your awesomeness and, in turn, you are ‘awwing’ at everything they say. This isn’t to say your awesomeness will fade over time, it just means that they might be less likely to remind you about it because you may have fallen into a routine (which hopefully hasn’t become a rut-ine).

These sweet nothings are very important to have at the beginning of a relationship. They make it easier to determine where the relationship is headed – if someone is constantly praising you, it’s safe to say they aren’t looking to jump ship anytime soon. At a time when feelings can be a bit uncertain, especially before any mention of the word ‘love’, it’s important to make sure your partner understands how you feel about them and what makes them more appealing to you than anyone else.

These sweet nothings also give you the warm and fuzzies. Remember those things your primary school teachers used to talk about, where saying nice things to someone makes them feel good about them self? It makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, somewhat similar to being cuddled by a giant teddy bear in front of a fireplace. And who doesn’t want that?

All of this leads to you feeling more secure in the relationship, which in turn leads to the relationship becoming more secure itself. Couples who are secure in the way their partner feels about them are less likely to worry about the relationship, less likely to become jealous or paranoid, more trusting, and generally easier to get along with. So, if you haven’t told your partner how wonderful they are lately, now is as good a time as any to mention those sweet nothings that actually mean a whole lot of something.


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