Having Nothing To Say Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

It’s 6pm on Tuesday and I haven’t written anything. I’ve tried, believe me. I’ve had my laptop open all day, continually flicking between tabs, reading other blogs before coming back to mine, staring at a blank screen and hoping for a topic to magically come to mind. A few weeks ago I made a deal to myself and this blog, to help bring a little structure into my writing, that I would post once a week on Monday or Tuesday. It’s 6pm on Tuesday and my time is almost up.

To start with, my brain was poking me, “Come on, can you really not think of anything to write about? There are thousands of talking points in this world and you can’t think of one? It can be anything, ANYTHING”. The day progressed and something a little different happened – my brain quietened down and just let me be.

Everyone has experienced times when you feel you need to fill the silencewith conversation. Your brain kicks into over-drive; “Hear that? It’s too quiet, it’s awkward. You need to say something. Bring up a talking point. It can about anything, anything is better than this silence. What about the weather? No, it can’t be about the weather, that’s the classic ‘I have nothing to say’ talking point! Think of something better. ANYTHING.” And before you know it, you’re commenting on what a warm sunny day it is for that time of the year (while your brain quips “Oh, the weather, how original”).

Other times, not having anything to say is actually great. It’s a sign that you’re comfortable not only with the person you’re with, but comfortable enough with yourself not to worry that it might seem awkward. It can be a real pleasure to simply be with someone, to enjoy nothing more than being in their presence.

It’s those moments with your best friend or significant other that don’t require an exchange of words to be enjoyable – a long car ride, sharing a drink on the patio, laying in bed on a Sunday afternoon. We spend so much of our lives sharing, sharing personal stories, knowledge, viewpoints, interesting tidbits we read online, that it’s nice to be with people who want to spend time with you even on days you don’t have anything interesting to say.

So today, when I don’t have anything interesting to say, it seems I’ve ended up saying something after all.


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