Today, I Am Happy

Over the last couple of days I’ve been a mixture of emotions, from lacklustre to doubtful, sad to lonely. Today, I am happy. Not just content but really, truly happy. I can’t ascertain exactly what changed as I woke up with everything exactly the same as it was yesterday – I have the same issues, the same concerns, just a different feeling.

It isn’t hard for my mood to change multiple times throughout one day, not necessarily because of anything that’s happened but because of how I choose to look at it. Outlook, perspective, point of view; these things can be the difference between a good and bad day. Some days are harder than others to put a positive spin on and everyone has days that are just plain shit. Days where you want to crawl back in to bed, pull the covers over your head and throw a giant self pity party until tomorrow arises. If it wasn’t for these days, we probably wouldn’t appreciate the good ones quite as much.

I wouldn’t appreciate how great I’ve felt all day if it weren’t coming off the back of feeling shitty. And while my circumstances haven’t changed, today I appreciate all the great I have in my life. The great people, no matter where they may be, the great health, the great opportunities, the great freedom. There is no reason I shouldn’t be beaming from ear to ear. Instead of focusing on the negatives, I am overwhelmed with the positives. I am all the upbeat, inspiring memes rolled into one. I am Chris Traeger from season 3 of Parks and Recreation. Today, I am happy.



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