Mockingjay Part 1 Made Me Hate Katniss

Last week I wasted 2 hours of my life watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I went with a friend, who slept through most of it (wise choice). While he was sleeping, I was wondering how many other people in the movie theatre were waiting for something to actually happen. I could tell you everything you need to know in 2 sentences; testament that the final book was surely only split into 2 films for one reason: dollar dollar bills yo.

I’m not hating on the series – I enjoyed the first two films and will still watch Mockingjay Part 2, to see if it makes up for the aimlessness of Part 1 (I haven’t read the books to ascertain this). However, I wanted to state upfront my disdain for the third instalment in the Hunger Games series, as it has probably had an impact on what’s to follow.

Mockingjay Part 1 made me hate Katniss. For someone who’s meant to be the strong, female protagonist and considering young women apparently look up to her character, she comes across as a pretty shit human during this film. Let me explain why;

1. She’s ungrateful
She gets rescued from the dome of death after several members of the Hunger Games have been working together to keep her alive and the first thing she does is get angry at them all for not saving Peeta; a  guy she doesn’t really like and just feels guilty because he’s in love with her. And here I was thinking it was common courtesy to thank people who save your life.

 2. She’s selfish
The leaders of District 13, who are now clothing, feeding and providing shelter for Katniss, ask her to be the face of the rebellion to help free everyone from President Snow’s dictatorship. She immediately declines and says they have to go back and save Peeta. She doesn’t pause to think about all the people she’s being asked to help, instead thinking only about her wants. She also ignores the fact the Gale is still in love with her, only paying him attention when she needs his help or when he’s quote ‘in pain’.

3. She’s dumb
She runs the opposite way after being told where to go to seek cover and ends up in open air with planes dropping bombs overhead. She brings a cat underground into District 13 when she knows pets aren’t allowed, resulting in her sister nearly getting locked out when she goes back to save the cat while the doors are being sealed shut (which was also pretty dumb, maybe it runs in the family). She tries to fire an explosive arrow indoors for fun. She doesn’t think twice about Snow’s warning that ‘it is the things we love most that destroy us’ and Gale’s words that it was ‘too easy’ for them to escape with Peeta and nearly gets herself strangled to death. Seriously, how could you not put those two together and at least wonder if it was a set up?

I’m sure she’s different in the book and the book itself is different to the movie (let’s be honest, the books are always better). But seriously, Mockingjay Part 1, get your shit together.


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