It’s My Birthday And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Anyone who knows me, knows I am notorious for crying over any and every thing. In this way I am similar to a baby who hasn’t learnt to talk yet and can only communicate through tears and sobs. Sad, stressed, angry, confused, happy, thankful, tired, hungry – no matter the reason, crying is my outlet. This is in fairly stark comparison to the fact that I’m actually a rather rational and logical person. I tend to think with my head rather than getting caught up in my emotions. The crying thing is just something I’ve never been able to control. Go figure.

So today is my birthday and I had told myself I wouldn’t cry. Unfortunately for my tear ducts, I forgot about birthday cards. There is nothing I love more than a thoughtful birthday card or message from loved ones. The problem is I have all these amazingly fantastic people in my life who seem to feel the same way about me, because they write these really lovely birthday cards. Which makes me really happy and thankful and, of course, cry.

But hey, if the only thing making me teary eyed today is reflecting on how great the people in my life are, and how great my life is in general, I’d say it’s a pretty good day!


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