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 Michelle Tempest / 20-something / Perth, Australia

I could start by saying that I enjoy writing but given that you’re reading my blog, that’s probably no surprise. I have, however, been enjoying writing since I was roughly 5 years old when I was really good at journal entry time and my answer to the often asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” wasn’t a princess or a fairy, but a writer (a really famous rich one, obviously).

Since then I graduated with a degree in journalism, discovering that I do not want to write hard news (too many limitations!) and left unsure about exactly what it is I do want to do.

I’ve got some great people in my life, I’ve been given every opportunity growing up and all of my problems are first world problems. That doesn’t stop me complaining and writing about them though – I just hope to do so with a little perspective.

I’ve just left a job at an advertising agency and started part time in a marketing role. With my now 5 day weekends I plan to revitalise, reassess and redirect myself down a path I’ve actually chosen, rather than one I stumbled upon.

I’m not sure where I’ll be in 5 years time. Hell, I don’t even have a 1 year plan at the moment. What I do know is that I’ve got a lot of potential and I’m working up my drive and self belief. They say it’s not Monday’s that suck – it’s your job so I’m determined to do something that makes me happy to wake up after the weekend.


One comment

  1. Hey Michelle,

    Don’t really know why I’m leaving a comment, or how I ended up here, reading your thoughts and suggestions…i do strange things, when I’m bored and otherwise.

    But anyway, I honestly enjoyed reading your blogs so far, and I agree with most things you say and suggestions. (I like seeing/reading people’s point of view, in many different situations) I would however like to point out one thing I’ve noticed, and if I misunderstood, I’m sorry.

    Some of your suggestions are from personal experiences, and while they are correct for you, you hardly seem like a typical girl…typical from what I know and who I’ve met…you seem quite a bit more mature than “most” girls/ladies/women I’ve met, and if they were to follow your advice, it would be a lie, since that’s not “them”.

    Please don’t misunderstand, I’m in no way suggesting that what you write is wrong or bad, quite the opposite really, just a suggestion that you keep separate your personal experiences from your personal views.
    For instance, I love how you write up possible scenarios to a situation, with possible outcomes. But if the outcome is only your personal view, it might lead someone on the wrong track.

    Now I hope you don’t think I’m just full of s#!t. I honestly like personalities, and been paying attention to them for years…one of the few strange things I do…and I can honestly say that I have a good grasp on them. As much as I love personalities tho, I tend to look for character in a person, I believe that’s where the truth is.

    Anyway, this is getting a little long…I’ll shut up now.
    I will be checking back regularly for more entries, as I’ve said, you seem to have interesting views, that prove enjoyable to read.

    Keep it up! =)

    :: s K e t c h ::

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