Spread The Likes: Show Support With Just One Mouse Click

Every now and then I’ve had people –friends and acquaintances – tell me in person that they like my blogs. “I’ve read them all”, they say, which always comes as nice yet surprising information. Sometimes I wonder if they are simply being polite. Sometimes I believe it’s genuine. But every time I wonder why they are only telling me this. Yes, I appreciate it and having people compliment my writing is something I will never tire of (hello, instant pick-me-up, you feel better than cookie dough ice cream tastes. And that shit tastes amazing). However, what I really want, what I long for, what makes me heart-eyes-emoji is the digital equivalent of that compliment. I want the online recognition that someone has read and enjoyed my words.

To steal a line from Josh Thomas, I want you to Please Like Me. Nothing makes your support official like putting your name to it on social media. As sarcastic as that sounds, I couldn’t be more serious. Today we use social media to show support of someone’s works, achievements or even just their outfit of the day. It may seem a little impersonal – simply hitting a button rather than saying, or even writing, the words – but there’s no denying that’s the way things are. We are chasing that thumbs up, a double tap, the tick on the ‘follow me’ box. Save your words, give me your likes. After all, that’s what helps things grow.

I used to sigh when Facebook friends invited me to like their page. ‘Oh, you’re trying to set up your own at-home business and want me to like your page, hey? We haven’t spoken since high school, we were hardly friends, but you want to use me to gain popularity points? I don’t even know what your stupid page is about. Why would I like it? LEAVE ME ALONE!’

I’m not kidding – those thoughts actually used to cross my mind. I want go back in time and roundhouse kick myself in the face for having such shitty thoughts. Why would I like a peer’s Facebook business page? Why not?! I may not keep in contact with this person, but they are venturing out on their own, trying to make something out of nothing and I respect that. I understand how hard it is to do something on your own. It takes time to build a client base, to crack the industry. So, of course, I will support your endeavours with something as simple as the click of my mouse. Spread the love. Spread the likes. Everyone could use a little more.